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Sheila Ronning: Women in the Boardroom Trailblazer

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“If you’re not learning or growing, you’re dying.”

Thus says our special guest, Women in the Boardroom CEO, Sheila Ronning.

As the CEO and founder of Women in the Boardroom, Sheila will share her experience building her company. Next, learn why there is a need for organizations like hers to enable women to gain board positions.

Listen, as she explains the reason for the shortage of women CEOs in the corporate boardroom.

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Tania Yuki: Creating a Career Path to Being a CEO

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Several years ago, Tania decided to leave Australia for America. Her goals: to make her world a little bit bigger, meet more challenges and test the limit of her capability.

Now, she’s the founder and CEO of Shareablee, a solution that makes CMOs and marketers come up with sound, powerful campaigns based on customer behaviors across various social channels.

Listen about Shareablee’s recent case study where fresh customer insights enabled its clients to allocate their budget wisely.  

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Trish Carr: Public Speaking is Fueled by Butterflies – How to Use Yours

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Are you scared of public speaking?
Do you find yourself trembling at the thought of talking with a large group of people or a close-door meeting with a valued client?

You’re not alone. Even seasoned speakers feel the same way and our special guest, Trish Carr, will tell you how to handle it.

Join her as she discusses her best-selling book, “It’s Just A Conversation”. Discover her tips for effective selling,

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