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Roxanne Emmerich: From Playboy Club Meeting to Multi-Million Dollar Turnaround Specialist

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Hundreds of businesses worldwide are suffering from toxic, unmotivated workplace. And the effects are staggering: from sales dwindling to business folding.

So, how can we avoid such threat?

Let National Speakers Association hall-of-famer, Roxanne Emmerich, take you back to the basics. Discover how the long-forgotten “giving more than receiving” philosophy has helped her clients turn their businesses around for the better. Find out how she was able to work with top performing companies of America and triple,

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Victoria Labalme: Rock The Room with Your Outstanding Performance

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What makes a good presentation?

Is it the speaker?
The materials?
The topic itself?

And how to take advantage of your individuality so you can bring out a powerful presentation every time you’re in front of your audience?

Let Victoria Labalme, a National Speakers Association Hall of Fame inductee, show you the lessons of taking risks, embracing your uniqueness and taking care of your audience.

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