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The Connectors

Learn the relationship-building secrets that lead to lifelong clients, repeat customers, and endless referrals

In today’s commoditized marketplace, no matter what product or service you sell, there’s probably someone somewhere able to offer it cheaper, faster, and maybe even better. So how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? The Connectors shows that the only thing that truly sets you apart is the quality of your relationships with your clients and customers.

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…And The Clients Went Wild

Combine social media with traditional marketing techniques for breakthrough results!

While social media is doing much to change the marketing landscape, it doesn’t mean you have to take an either/or approach between it and more traditional methods. And the Clients Went Wild! gives you the tools to take an eclectic approach and pick the best, most wildly successful marketing methods—traditional, online, or both—to win at a given marketing goal. And, whether by means of Facebook, Twitter, streaming video, or by old-fashioned word of mouth, public relations, or personal sales skill, the goal is to win, right?

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85 Million Dollar Tips for Financial Advisors – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Transform your financial services business, one valuable tip at a time.

Generate Net New Sales Through 85 Simple, Inexpensive Marketing Ideas.

This practical, down to earth book is packed with proven, time-tested marketing ideas that will help financial advisors reel in new clients and solidify relationships with current ones. 85 Million Dollar Tips for Financial Advisors tells you how to:

*Create an online presence that attracts new business
*Use social media profitably
*Write fantastic press releases that will get you lots of media coverage
*Attract 15-30 client referrals into your business each month
*Host events that attract qualified attendees and gain valuable PR
*Real answers to form strategic alliances for a stream of qualified referrals
*Discover and dig into your natural niche
*Design an overall business experience that will attract prospects and delight clients
*Create a Client Delight™ system for communicating on a regular basis with clients

91 pages

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The Engaging Child

Raising Children to have relationship skills in the age of technology

Our kids have their Facebook skills down pat. But it’s their face-to-face skills that will matter most in the future. As a parent, you can foster the critical “connecting” skills.

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