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Marketing Audibles

Learn the best-practice marketing ideas for increasing sales

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Program Topics For Financial Audiences

Maribeth is listed among the Top 25 C-Suite Speakers as seen in Meetings & Conventions Magazine. She has spoken for many major corporations as well as at Barron’s Top Independent Advisor Summit, MDRT, and in front of audiences filled with hundreds to thousands of professionals sharing immediate strategies for acquiring new business.

Maribeth conducts inspiring keynote presentations on business development strategies with multiple takeaways that can be implemented right away by audience members. She also conducts small group, interactive training sessions designed to guide participants to create their own powerful marketing messages including value propositions, prospect scripting, elevator statements, and other key marketing messaging. Maribeth also facilitates large group sessions where business development strategies and marketing action plans are interactively created and shared by participants. 

“Maribeth understands our business and is able to add value and ideas where we need it most; branding, marketing and improving our success rate with new business development.”

Joe Connell, Retirement Plan Partners, Inc.

“Your energy is inspiring.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been motivated by a speaker and you have certainly motivated me and given me tools for success in my career – Thank you!”
Anna Alfano, GCG Financial

“It was an excellent presentation.  I know it will add value to my practice.  I already plan on using the information from the presentation to enhance my existing relationships and be better prepared to engage with new prospects.  Thank you, again excellent!”
Michael Bennett, Raymond James & Associates

“Great energy, engaged audience, very passionate delivery.  I loved your presentation and what you do.  I will feel confident referring you.”
George Schwabe, Executive Benefits Group

“Maribeth is a phenomenal speaker.  She has some fantastic ideas for improving relationships and building business.  She did an amazing job!”
Vanessa Paschal, Edward Jones

“An excellent and timely presentation that was “above the cut” your presentation was excellently delivered, timely and specific to advisor needs.”
Sandra Kobel, NEXT

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!  I gathered so many great ideas – I am purchasing several of your books for my children!”
Jill Hurlburt, Edward Jones

“An excellent presentation that has stimulated many new ideas! I took 3 pages of notes and look forward to learning more from the books I bought. Keep up the great work!”
Ray Lantz, USA Wealth Group, Inc.

“Maribeth clears the fog; she is crystal clear in terms of how best to be a better messenger with prospects and clients.”
Skip Waldman, Raymond James

“I’ll buy “The Connectors” on Amazon. I agree – The connecting recipe is so powerful. I would do it all day if I could. Fabulous Presentation!”
Paul Alexander, Raymond James

“Maribeth was very insightful although I’ve heard several presentations on value propositions the 3 funnel idea was excellent and something which is truly something I can use in my business.”
Pete Battaglia, Raymond James

“Maribeth is a captivating speaker – she makes absolute sense. I left with a feeling of excitement – about receiving your book and about creating client “fans”.”
Susie Light, Cadaret Grant Commonwealth Financial Group

“I enjoyed Maribeth’s presentation. She broke it down in very simple form. Her message was quick-moving and full of good ideas. I enjoyed her baseball card. It made her look real. Many speakers don’t shine a light on themselves, nice touch.”
Curtis Green, Edward Jones

“Great job, Maribeth!! I enjoyed your presentation very much. You are so, so right – It’s not the product – It’s the person – If they like you they will chose you.”
Nancy Hoglund, Delany Dental Center

“I loved the presentation, the best I have heard. I gained several ideas that will be incorporated in my branch.”
Michael Rice, Edward Jones

“One of the best inspirational/learning since coming to EDJ 14- years ago. I plan to order 1 or 2 of your books.”
Nancy Brokaw, Edward Jones

“The presentation was definitely helpful and timely. Maribeth, I love your enthusiasm and passion. Definitely will take another look at how I utilize it and look for ways to improve it. Thank you!”
Alicia Hyland, Morgan Stanley

“Maribeth is competent and very confident in the information that she presents. She is a great speaker with high energy level who readily connects with her audience.”
Alan Glazner, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

“Maribeth is very good at conveying the ideas. She communicates effectively and efficiently. The material will be utilized with foreseeable quality as well as positive results.”
Chris Thompson, The Key To Your Retirement

Marketing Magnetism!

Strategies for Acquiring NEW Business from the Playbooks of the World’s Most Successful

What’s working right now to attract new clients and fans, expose your brand, get people talking, and differentiate yourself? In this ADD world where no one is paying attention, what marketing strategies are producing results for some of the nation’s top financial professionals? Maribeth Kuzmeski will share strategies that are mostly inexpensive, can be implemented immediately, and are generating significant sales now! From new media to traditional methods and referral strategies – Maribeth will share what’s working now.

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Clarifying Your Value & Proving Your Fees in the Evolving World of  Financial Services

Today more than ever, powerful messaging regarding your value matters. Do your clients know what you charge and all that you do for the fees? Do your prospects believe your value is worth the price? Is your presentation of value memorable? Maribeth Kuzmeski will share some of the best practice value/fee conversations being used today that are undeniably strong, memorable, repeatable, and easy to deliver. Given continual industry changes, the one thing you must control is your own message of value.

Maribeth Kuzmeski, Ph.D., has worked with the nation’s largest firms and their advisors through great changes in the industry including 2001, 2008, significant product changes, rule changes and loss. The result? When remaining hyper-focused on delivering value, communicating that value, engaging through marketing, and maintaining clients, the changes that are swirling become background noise in our pursuit to serve the financial needs of others.

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Uncovering the Hidden 1% for Continual High Performance

For Elite Advisors

Once you have reached a level of success, often the most difficult task is to continue to reach significant new levels of growth. This interactive presentation shares what is working now, and identifies areas for tweaks and changes producing incremental growth in your financial services practice.

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3D Messaging:

Stand Out with More Compelling, Value-Driven and Memorable Words

Gain simple ideas for perfecting your verbal, written, website and social media verbiage necessary to be compelling in a distracted world. Discover powerful communication and positioning strategies for defining and clarifying your value and securing fair fees for your work. Learn immediate methods that will position you and your team as the Advisor of Choice, develop trusting relationships quicker, have prospects wanting to do business with you, and give your current clients something truly compelling to talk about with others.

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The Real Deal with Social Media:

Strategies for Using Social Media Marketing Profitably In Your Business

Learn about some of most profitable ways to use social media and new media technologies in your practice. Gain leads, convert current referrals with increased speed and effectiveness, and use social media to strengthen and expose your brand within your target market. Learn what is really working for advisors given compliance regulations and walk away with simple ideas for using social media in your financial services practice.

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Standing Up and Standing Out In Business:

Critical Moves for Women to Gain Power & Influence

Gain powerful strategies, based on extensive research and case studies of women in business, that can be applied immediately to stand out, achieve the success deserved, and market and present with power and confidence.

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The Secrets of Speaking Like A Pro:

Learn how CEOs, Politicians, and Media Personalities Deliver Compelling, Effortless-Looking Presentations That Catapult Their Careers

Discover the secrets to designing, describing, and delivering a presentation that is heard, accepted, and acted upon. Gain the blueprint for creating a memorable presentation with a strong open, interactive elements, storytelling, and a powerful close. Presenter Maribeth Kuzmeski has been speaking professionally for 20 years as well as teaching business professionals to speak with great success, including proven strategies for reducing the fear of pubic speaking.

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Working With Women:

Secrets & Strategies for Effectively Serving More Female Clients

Working with any individual is an art, not a science – especially women. This presentation will share the art of working with women, communicating effectively, developing and presenting solutions, and motivating them to implementation. Women are not like men and neither are the ways that you get them to say “yes” to your business, strategies and solutions. Understand this loyal market so you can serve them better.

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He’s Just Not That Into You: 4 Ways to Connect Quicker With Prospects

He’s Just Not That Into You: 4 Ways to Connect Quicker With Prospects

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