Marketing Audibles

Marketing Audibles

Learn the best-practice marketing ideas for increasing sales

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From one day consulting sessions to multi-month projects, we have worked with companies large and small helping them to stand out, increase sales, and dramatically impact profitability.

High Performance Consulting for Elite Firms

Once you have reached a level of success, often the most difficult task is to continue to reach significant new levels of growth.

  • Consulting to unlock the hidden 1% to incremental growth
  • Performance Strategy Session – 1 day onsite
  • Creation of a Strategic Opportunity Plan
  • Creation of a Master Marketing Blueprint and Implementation Timeline
  • Implementation support and development
  • Custom content written for website, social media and calls to action
  • Custom messaging for the team on value/fee discussion and core story
  • Weekly calls with team about progress with opportunities and marketing
  • 3 – 6 month engagement with subsequent consulting available

We specifically understand top advisors and their need for real results having worked with elite producers consistently for the past 15 years. References to other top producers that have gone through Red Zone Marketing’s consulting processes are available.

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Strategic Business Storytelling – Comprehensive

Red Zone Marketing will work with you to uncover your uniqueness to expose your strategic business story to prospects, clients and strategic alliances. We will then design your unique messaging.

  • Development of your Strategic Business Story / Compelling Value Proposition
  • Personalized Bios for each Team Member
  • Complete Website Messaging/Refresh
  • Refinement of Value/Fee Conversation
  • Targeted Approach to Messaging for New Business Development
  • Design and Messaging of a Capabilities Deck
  • “About” Messaging for Social Media Profiles
  • Coaching to upgrade your messaging is also available.
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Your Compelling Value Proposition and Bio

At Red Zone Marketing, we will create your compelling value proposition that defines your uniqueness. Additionally, we will create a powerful bio/LinkedIn profile summary statement showing why people should want to do business with you.

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Website Copywriting

What does your website say about you? If you want to have a better website that is clearly and professionally written, gets people interested in your firm, and causes them to act … we can help! Red Zone Marketing will design a complete website map that will plan out your website’s purpose, navigation and its overall organization. This map becomes the blueprint for your site. We will then write clear and concise messaging for each page of your website. Messaging includes headlines and attention-gathering words using your authentic voice. Differentiating elements of the firm will be highlighted. We will also update/edit bios for team members that will be on the site.

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Brand Development Package

Red Zone Marketing will work with you to uncover your unique brand from naming to logo and messaging for your online presence and offline materials.

  • Strategic Business Naming Process
  • Logo Design
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Complete Website Messaging, Development & Coordination using template website provider (website hosting not included, custom design options at an additional fee)
  • Bios written for entire team
  • Messaging for Social Media Profiles
  • Email and scripting introducing the brand change to clients
  • Development of One Sheet Firm Overview/Brochure
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Capabilities Deck/Pitchbook Development

A Red Zone Marketing copywriter will interview the team and each individual team member to write unique team messaging including value proposition, team process, targeted approach, unique bios for each team member, and other compelling information designed to be presented to prospects or strategic alliances. The Capabilities Deck will be laid out in PowerPoint so it can be delivered electronically (iPad), in person, printed, turned into a video with voice-over, or saved as a PDF.

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Copywriting & Strategy for Content Marketing

Let Red Zone Marketing’s copywriters create blog posts, articles, video scripts, whitepapers, landing page copy, e-books, reports and more. Our process starts with understanding your target audience, buyer persona, your objectives and proposed outcomes. We then research for the challenges and longtail keywords that will lead to specific searches by your target audience. Ultimately the goal is to drive interested prospects to your calls to action, filling your marketing funnel of propsects, and leading to more qualified clients.

Content Marketing Funnel

Content Marketing Funnel: Red Zone Marketing®

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Marketing Coaching for High Performing  Assistants

The objective of Red Zone Marketing’s Assistant Coaching program is to provide weekly guidance and implementation support designed to upgrade new business sales and marketing activities at financial services firms. This program has been designed exclusively for the marketing individual or team that leads the new business efforts.

Financial advisors have easy access to top-level coaching, but what about their Marketing Assistants, Managers, and Coordinators? Rarely is a program designed specifically with them in mind.

Here are just some of the dedicated services we provide through our Coaching for Marketing Assistants, Managers and Coordinators:

  • Direct assistance to build the right marketing plan and strategies for your team.
  • Support creating a Master Marketing Blueprint and Implementation Timeline.
  • Implementation support and development through weekly one-on-one calls.
  • Support in creation of a Marketing Funnel to drive qualified prospects to your firm.
  • Support for upgrading your website.
  • Development of a strategy for social media.
  • Support writing team bios.
  • Support writing and reviewing new marketing collateral.
  • Custom messaging support for the entire team on value/fee discussion.
  • Access to a library of marketing courses and marketing materials.
  • 6-month engagement with subsequent coaching available.
  • Weekly one-on-one scheduled calls.
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He’s Just Not That Into You: 4 Ways to Connect Quicker With Prospects

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