Contrarian Networking Strategy – Part 4

Create Truly Effective Networking That’s NOT Focused on Networking

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Contrarian Networking focuses on the principles of networking that do work – and they are almost always the opposite to what we may believe about networking.

Part 4: Create a Contrarian Networking Plan of Action

Have a plan of action before you go to any event. The goal – to meet connections and

future advocates – not to make immediate sales.

1. Find out who’s attending.

Ask the host or organization for a list, ask others, check emails for others attending.

2. Who do you want to meet at the event?

Make a list of the top 5 (don’t avoid the big names).

3. Research people you may be attending by searching on Google and LinkedIn.

4. Find The Meeting Organizer.

If you can’t find out who will be in attendance, when you get there, find the meeting

organizer. Introduce yourself and ask who he/she thinks you should get to know at

the meeting. Oftentimes they will take you to someone and make the introduction for

you (it’s a lot better than standing by the drink table or door all by yourself).

5. At the event, let them do the talking (You ask the questions!).

Once introductions are made, you can move on to more in-depth business questions:

• What’s makes a good client for you?

• What’s the best thing that has happened to your business this year?

• What’s one thing you’ve done that has really changed your career?

• What will you never do again in business?

• What’s your biggest challenge?

• What do you find is the most effective way to keep a client happy?

• …Then follow up with secondary questions.

6. Post Event Follow Up

Spend ten minutes after the event cementing your connections by adding to your

CRM all of the connections you’ve made. Include reminders to yourself of interesting or remarkable things people said, or that you learned so that you won’t forget them and can refer back to them in later conversations. Use email and/or LinkedIn to keep in touch.

Networking is important, even if you are an introvert. It is one of the best ways of sharing your expertise, while creating valuable relationships with prospects and centers of influence. Try it! It just may be the boost your business needs.


Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, President of Red Zone Marketing, is a marketing strategist, advisor to financial services companies, bestselling author of nine books, and a professional speaker rated as a Top 25 C-Suite Speaker as seen in Meetings & Conventions Magazine. She speaks on topics including marketing, branding, sales, and customer service.

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