Contrarian Networking Strategy – Part 3

Create Truly Effective Networking That’s NOT Focused on Networking

Contrarian Networking focuses on the principles of networking that do work – and they are almost always the opposite to what we may believe about networking.

Part 3: What To Say When Someone Asks About You?

Every firm needs to have a refined firm story to assist in marketing and client acquisition. But there is a serious need to have a compelling opening line for your firm story – probably several of them. Without something compelling (to them), you may never get the chance to share your story. Even the classic elevator pitch is too gimmicky for an informal initial introduction. In a world of ever-decreasing attention spans, less is definitely more.

A solution for compelling others to want to listen to you is to develop a 15-20 second Simple, Repeatable, Statement of Value (SRSV) for each target audience. An SRSV is a statement that is easy to remember and shares some value directly for the person you are speaking with. Below is the 4-step formula for building your own SRSV. Your SRSV may not include the answer to every question, and it doesn’t have to be compiled in this order.

Develop your 15 second simple, repeatable statement of value (SRSV).

Answer the following questions:

1. What are their needs, wants, challenges, problems, questions, and interests?

2. What you do?

3. What is your memorable differentiator?

Here are some financial advisor examples:

Financial Advisor Example 1: “I work with family-owned businesses helping them pay less in taxes and protect their assets. I specifically work with those with serious profit problems… those with big profits.”

Financial Advisor Example 2: “I’m a financial advisor and our firm works with families to help them reduce risk and protect their legacy. We work with some of the wealthiest families in Chicago – in money and values. Our business is built solely on the introductions from our current clients and their advisors.

Financial Advisor Example 3: “I am a financial advisor with XYZ firm. We specialize in working with corporate executives getting ready to retire from Pfizer.

Financial Advisor Example 4: “I am a financial advisor. We work with a lot of teachers right here in this county and have found that many of them have been making mistakes on their 403b selections…

And here is mine 🙂 “I own a marketing consulting firm, Red Zone Marketing, focused on helping successful organizations find even more business and opportunities. I’ve worked with an NBA basketball team, a US Senator, financial advisors and asset managers. I’ve even closed a sale while upside down in a biplane at 3,000 feet above ground.”

What is yours?

Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, President of Red Zone Marketing, is a marketing strategist, advisor to financial services companies, bestselling author of nine books, and a professional speaker rated as a Top 25 C-Suite Speaker as seen in Meetings & Conventions Magazine. She speaks on topics including marketing, branding, sales, and customer service.

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