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10 Ways to Get People to Watch & Engage with Your Videos

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Video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but in order for it to work you have to get people to watch and like what they see.

You may have video that you have shared on your website, YouTube, in a blog or on social media sites. Here are 10 quick tips for engaging people so they will want to watch your video and connect further with you.

  • Create good, interesting content.
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    Video on Your Website is a True Differentiator

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    Screenshot_videotrainingHaving video on your website is easier and more effective than ever. You can probably think of a few reasons not to use video; but from a marketing perspective, there are so many more compelling reasons that make integrating video into your site an absolute must. Here are just some of the benefits:

    • Video grabs the viewer’s attention. The internet is filled with text and pictures. Therefore, a short,

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