10 Ways to Get People to Watch & Engage with Your Videos

Video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but in order for it to work you have to get people to watch and like what they see.

You may have video that you have shared on your website, YouTube, in a blog or on social media sites. Here are 10 quick tips for engaging people so they will want to watch your video and connect further with you.

  1. Create good, interesting content. This is easier said than done. What would people in your target market actually want to learn or find out about you? Ask clients and centers of influence for their feedback on what content would be valuable.
  2. Begin by recording your video in a professional studio with a green screen, proper lighting and a teleprompter. Make sure you give yourself the best chance to look great. And PRACTICE!
  3. Get your script properly edited and approved by compliance – BEFORE recording in studio.
  4. Title the video so people know what content they will be watching. Give them a good reason for viewing. Also give your video a full description that answers clearly why someone would want to watch.
  5. Make sure the thumbnail picture associated with your video looks like you are someone they’d want to watch. The thumbnail can sometimes be a not-so-attractive, in motion, eyes closed type of screen grab of your video. Don’t be afraid to choose different thumbnails.
  6. List the running time of the video when possible. YouTube will automatically do this for you. Under 3 minutes is a palatable amount for a prospect trying to find out about you or learn something. It seems awfully short, but more than 2-3 minutes and the potential viewer has to REALLY want the information you are sharing to sit through the whole thing.
  7. Tag your video with as many keywords in YouTube as possible. People will find your videos with these helpful tags.
  8. After uploading your video to Vimeo, YouTube or your website, share a link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Let people you are connected with know it is there!
  9. Send out an email newsletter with a link to your video. Sharing your new videos with your connections is a great way to directly give people the valuable content you have created for them.
  10. Use your video as a referral tool by telling advocates and referral sources that they can direct people to a new video you’ve posted or share a link. Give them a reason to introduce you to someone else!

The key with video ultimately is to have valuable content, share the content with potentially interested people and engage them to view and share. Video is definitely a great way to get “face-to-face” with clients and prospects and share just how great you really are!

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