Candace Bahr: Changing the financial success of women

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Going through divorce can be one of the most difficult and expensive things anyone can go through. In this episode, Candace Bahr, talks about the resources available through the non-profit that she co-founded: Women’s Institute for Financial Education ( has helped thousands of divorcees across the country with Second Saturday, a program that has provided assistance to many men and women in dealing with the legal, financial, and psychological aspects of divorce.

Candace also touches on her own beginnings as a financial advisor, as well as some insights about working with her husband as a partner in business. She opens up about her philosophy behind her practice in financial planning, as well as some tips to help couples and families straighten out their money situations.

Life-altering events such as divorce may be difficult to go through, but having contingency plans, even on the financial side, can help anyone go through any challenges with a clear head. Learn from Candace as she discusses her experiences and thoughts on helping divorcees find peace after divorce.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• What kind of help divorcees can expect from, through their volunteers, in their Second Saturday program.
• The importance of knowledge, especially in household financial affairs.
• How to work with your husband as a partner in business.


• Divorce is something you would want to go through when you’re absolutely clearheaded, when you know all the issues you need to face.
• For most of the things we do, we decide to take a path and continue to take the small steps day after day to get to where we want to go.
• A man is not a financial plan.

Big Takeaways:

• Divorce can be a struggle for a lot of people in all kinds of aspects: emotionally, psychologically, and physically. There are a number of programs by certain organizations, such as the Second Saturday program by, that can help them go through such tough times.
• Financial planning is not just about managing money, but also looking into your own life and educating yourself about your finances.
• Everyone should be involved in a family’s financial affairs, even if it means setting aside time at least once a year to talk about money matters.

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