Sharing Video May Be the Tipping Point for Prospect Conversion

Are you using video in your business? Video connects and gives viewers an inside look into your firm, insight, knowledge and personality. But did you know that there is a significantly higher chance that your clients and prospects will watch your video content than there is of them responding to your emails, letters, proposals, or even reading information on your websites and blogs?

A website with a video is 53 times more likely to come up on the first page result on Google than the exact same page without video? (Forrester Research) And, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video (HubSpot).  

So, here are some easy things you can do to start using video effectively.

1. Share videos in your emails. Even using the word “video” in your subject heading has proven to have higher open rates- and adding a video to your emails can increase click rates by 300%! (HubSpot) 

For instance, consider creating a video that will reassure your clients and prospects that you are following precautions and new safety measures. Today, many people are apprehensive and unsure. Let people know the safety measures you have implemented in your office. Let your clients know what the team has been doing over the past months and how you are preparing for bringing people back into the office when they are ready. If you are showing efficient safety operations, this could be the tipping point for a prospect to contact you. 

2. Share videos on social media. According to HubSpot, social media posts with video have 48% more views.  LinkedIn have also reported that video campaigns have 50% view rates. 

But keep it short! Studies have shown that 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% by one minute, and 60% by two minutes (AdAge).   

Instagram recently shared that the videos that get the most views on their platform are only 26 seconds long! LinkedIn similarly has suggested that 30 seconds to 1-minute video lengths work best.  Facebook, interestingly, states that a three-minute video gets the best organic results.  

For instance, share a quick video on the state of the stock market or how to best navigate volatile markets. Or, use video on social media to invite people to your next event or seminar.  One of the best ways to get attention is with video on social media – use it to increase your exposure!

3. Post videos on your website.  Answer front and center on your home page via video, What does your company actually do? If you quickly and clearly answer this question sharing your value proposition, you will have a much better chance of them staying on your site and eventually converting into a client. 

There is nothing worse than visiting a website, reading a little, but still having no idea what the unique selling proposition is. Don’t leave your site visitors unsure! Use your homepage video and short videos throughout your website to highlight your key selling points in a casual, informative way. Speak in terms that resonate with your target audience through clear, conversational messaging. And, make sure you get to the point quickly!

The Bottom Line: Video works! It can make your emails, social media and website better in so many ways. So, consider starting in on the adventure of creating engaging video and converting more prospects!

Stay tuned for our next blog: “How to set up a pop-up video studio” in your office or home office inexpensively!

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