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How to Get Your Employees to Quit Quiet Quitting

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Part 2: Creating the Right Fix

In our last article, we covered the basics of quiet quitting. What it is, why it has evolved, and how it is affecting present-day work culture. Now, we seek to answer the question, “What does all this mean for you?”

It means that you’ll have a sizeable competitive advantage if you create a workplace that values and validates the entire team that drives your business.

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Are Your Employees Quiet Quitting?

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That’s the point – they likely aren’t telling you.

You know how hard it is to recruit top talent. You also know how hard it is to keep top talent once you’ve brought them on board.

And it’s only getting harder.


Because people are increasingly feeling disengaged at work. On the one hand, they’re still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led them to reprioritize their work-life balance.

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