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Company Culture & Its Impact on Business Growth

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Have you given your company culture much thought lately?

If asked, could your clients describe your firm’s culture?

And what about your team members? Could they define it?

You may be wondering why company culture matters so much. People come to work, they do their job and somehow it works and your business keeps moving forward. I recently came across a company that made me think more about company culture and its greater impact on a company’s growth.

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Is It Possible to Manufacture Loyalty in Your Team?

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I have observed many firms attempts to create loyalty amongst their staff. The problem: loyalty is not something you can force upon people or manufacture.

But we all want our best staff, teams, and coworkers to be loyal – so how can that be achieved?

Leadership 101, the Hawthorne Effect (study by Harvard)*, and almost all research conducted on workforce development have suggested that the way you create a loyal and inspired workforce is through changing the way employees feel about the organization,

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