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3 Pro Tips for Balancing Messaging & Visuals in Your Marketing

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The best messaging in the world can’t shine through a shoddy or outdated website. But the sharpest-looking website also won’t convert visitors into clients if the messaging isn’t on target for your ideal client profile. You have to strike the right balance between presenting long- and short-form content alongside engaging visuals.

The Next Frontier: Text Messaging for Advisors

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Advisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

When it comes to marketing for business growth, advisors want the same thing: the silver bullet.

They ask, “What’s working right now? Should I be making videos? Start a podcast? Run webinars?”

“What is it???”

They don’t like my answer because it’s, “Yes, yes, yes, and…(insert list of other digital advisor marketing best practices here).”

You’ll never catch me claiming there’s a silver bullet in marketing,

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Help Prospects Better Understand Fees by Tying Them to Your Value

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When we talk about the problems associated with an advisor’s fees, it isn’t that they are too high, too low, or inappropriately structured. Rather it is that advisors typically fail to communicate effectively with their prospects what those fees are actually doing for the client. In other words, what is the value of the service being paid for? 

Essentially, the fee discussion isn’t about one of the actual fee structures in place,

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The Biggest Challenge for Advisors Today: Differentiation

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What is perhaps the biggest challenge advisors are facing with marketing in 2021?

In the cluttered and fiercely competitive advisory industry, it’s standing out from the crowd.

The biggest problem for solo advisors is not technology, nor is it even an economy of scale problem. It is a very big, very real differentiation problem. Today, there is very little to differentiate advisors from one another. 

It wasn’t long ago that offering comprehensive financial planning was a differentiator.

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How Advisors Are Operating in This Era of Uncertainty – September Data Results

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Red Zone Marketing conducted research from Sept 15-21, sponsored by Incapital, to find out how financial professionals are adapting and changing in response to crisis conditions. This is the third time we have conducted this survey (May, June & September 2020) and it continues to produce interesting insights as financial professionals navigate the landscape of their operations.

Key Findings

The research uncovered the marketing strategies today that are actually producing new clients.

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