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Don’t Bury the Lede in Financial Advisor Marketing

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Hiding the most relevant pieces of a story within other distracting information is called burying the lede and can be fatal in advisor marketing. The phrase “don’t bury the lede” was originally coined in journalism to teach writers how to grab the attention of their audience, but has since been adopted in marketing for the same reason. 

All too often financial advisors suffer from burying the lede when describing who they are, what they do, and why others should work with them. They lead with irrelevant information or jargon that causes their audience to tune out and miss the most valuable parts of their offer.

How to Create a Client-Attracting LinkedIn Profile

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What is your ideal prospect doing when they land on your LinkedIn profile page? Hopefully, it’s staying and reading through. But how can you be sure?

Here’s the problem: if you have a Linkedin profile, it’s one of the top results people will see when they Google your name or start researching you or your business online.

How Does Your LinkedIn Profile Measure Up?

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Find out how your current LinkedIn profile ranks using this free AI tool. This tool will review your profile, give it a grade, and show you where to make improvements.

Creating a Personal Impact with Conversational Marketing

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Conversational marketing can have many different forms. The common characteristics just need to include the ability to have two-way communication and be able to have that communication happen in real-time. Typically, conversational marketing occurs either over live chat or over social media.

Use Market Intelligence to Take the Guesswork Out of Prospecting

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Conducting market research on your audience will reveal critical information that enables you to understand the best methods for communicating and appealing to them. You can tailor your value proposition to their pain points and approach them as a trustworthy advisor offering meaningful solutions—not just another talking head speaking into the void.