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Your Prospects Don’t Have Short Attention Spans

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People Don’t Have Short Attention Spans. It’s the Content that Isn’t Interesting.

The truth is out! Humans don’t actually have shorter attention spans than goldfish, it’s just that most of the content we’re consuming isn’t interesting enough to hold our attention. 

So what’s with the goldfish?

In 2015, the internet erupted with the statistic that humans have an 8-second attention-span. Less than that of a goldfish! Well,

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3 Pro Tips for Balancing Messaging & Visuals in Your Marketing

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The best messaging in the world can’t shine through a shoddy or outdated website. But the sharpest-looking website also won’t convert visitors into clients if the messaging isn’t on target for your ideal client profile. You have to strike the right balance between presenting long- and short-form content alongside engaging visuals.

The Next Frontier: Text Messaging for Advisors

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Advisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

When it comes to marketing for business growth, advisors want the same thing: the silver bullet.

They ask, “What’s working right now? Should I be making videos? Start a podcast? Run webinars?”

“What is it???”

They don’t like my answer because it’s, “Yes, yes, yes, and…(insert list of other digital advisor marketing best practices here).”

You’ll never catch me claiming there’s a silver bullet in marketing,

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How Advisors Are Operating in This Era of Uncertainty – September Data Results

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Red Zone Marketing conducted research from Sept 15-21, sponsored by Incapital, to find out how financial professionals are adapting and changing in response to crisis conditions. This is the third time we have conducted this survey (May, June & September 2020) and it continues to produce interesting insights as financial professionals navigate the landscape of their operations.

Key Findings

The research uncovered the marketing strategies today that are actually producing new clients.

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Sharing Video May Be the Tipping Point for Prospect Conversion

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Are you using video in your business? Video connects and gives viewers an inside look into your firm, insight, knowledge and personality. But did you know that there is a significantly higher chance that your clients and prospects will watch your video content than there is of them responding to your emails, letters, proposals, or even reading information on your websites and blogs?

A website with a video is 53 times more likely to come up on the first page result on Google than the exact same page without video?

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