Unsolicited Referrals – How to Get LOTS More – Part 4

Connect On Your Website
Craft your website to truly speak to your referrals/prospects. 

Update Your Website – the Homebase for Your Business
When a referral arrives at your website is your differentiator clear? Will they be persuaded to look further and contact you? Is there valuable content on your site to share your knowledge and calls to action to engage your ideal website visitors?

Here are some important elements on highly referrable financial advisor websites:

A Clear Value Proposition that addresses the challenges of your ideal prospects (see above in #3). The key is to let them know they are in the right place and that you understand their situation. Even if you don’t have one niche, you can still focus on challenges of your ideal prospects as opposed to general statements of what you do.

Accentuate the uniqueness. Share information about your people who are often the most unique element of an organization. Other organizations don’t have your amazing team!

Add a call-to-action to engage prospects. Add an offer for a report or even a planning session that is compelling to your target audience. These could include: 

  • Download our newest report, “4 Insights to Help You Navigate Volatile Market Conditions and Stay on Track to Your Goals” 
  • Contact us today about our FREE PLANNING SERVICES for executives facing furlough, layoff, pay reduction, and/or retirement postponed.

Post Valuable Content. Post interesting content – blogs, podcasts, videos, webinars on topics deemed interesting by your ideal prospects. 

For instance, release a quick video on a topic that speaks to your target market. One advisor has just recorded this: “Within 5 Years of Retirement? Learn the 5 strategies for generating the most income in retirement.” 

The key is to let visitors to your website (those that have been referred to you in most cases) know that they have landed at the right place and are compelled to take action.

Join us next week for Part 5 of the secrets to unsolicited referral success. 

Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, President of Red Zone Marketing, is a marketing strategist, advisor to financial services companies, bestselling author of nine books, and a professional speaker rated as a Top 25 C-Suite Speaker as seen in Meetings & Conventions Magazine. She speaks on topics including marketing, branding, sales, and customer service.

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