Andrea March: Taking Her Experience Founding Multi-Million Dollar Businesses and Giving it Back

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Many remarkable women have made their mark in the field of business, but the truly exceptional ones are continuing to pass on their knowledge to other promising women. In today’s podcast, listen to the insights of Andrea March, a long-time entrepreneur who founded and ran multi-million dollar businesses and is a co-founder of the Women’s Leadership Exchange (WLE), an organization dedicated to supporting women leaders.

Andrea will talk about the experiences that led her to form the WLE, and how it has helped and empowered more than 40,000 women to date. She will also discuss her new initiative with regards to helping bridge gender parity in the corporate world. Besides this, she will touch on her own thoughts and experiences in founding Military Women Exchange, an organization dedicated to assisting women veterans transition to civilian life.

Women have to support each other in order to gain ground for breakthroughs that would benefit the entire gender, but everyone, male or female, should work together to affect lasting change. Join Andrea in her commitment to change the world, one woman at a time.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• How the Women’s Leadership Exchange has been helping women in business, from entrepreneurs to the corporate world.
• Who the usual guest speakers that are most looked forward to in WLE summits are, from inspiring professionals to well-established businesswomen.
• The best ways to make a significant difference to gender parity in the workplace.
• The challenges in helping women veterans transition to suburban life.


• These are women who have shifted the paragon of the way women are perceived as individuals.
• My whole idea is that we (women) have to support each other.
• Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Big Takeaways:

• The Women’s Leadership Exchange, along many other social entrepreneurship organizations, has helped and supported many women develop themselves for their various pursuits. However, true change lies in both men and women working together towards gender equality.
• It may take a while to see significant strides in the gender issue, but every incremental success counts, as it is a step towards giving future generations more opportunities.
• There will always be challenges that seem unsurmountable, but the key is to keep working on them nevertheless and to keep raising awareness to these issues.

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2 responses on “Andrea March: Taking Her Experience Founding Multi-Million Dollar Businesses and Giving it Back

  1. Bonnie, aka, Bootgirl

    I have known Andrea for well over a decade and continue to admire her determination, unstoppable vision and uncompromising commitment to improve the lives of women. As one of the early supporters of Women’s Leadership Exchange, I believe in her work, applaud her success and admire what she’s accomplished. In a sometimes competitive and non-collaborative marketplace, it’s refreshing to note that women like Andrea continue to push forward to build bridges, understanding and cooperation. I am a big Atlanta fan.

  2. Vera Moore

    The Women’s Leadership Exchange (WLE) is and has been a great networking organization for Vera Moore Cosmetics for many years. The founder, Andrea March is all about giving back and sharing information freely. The WLE is about Educating, Empowering and Exciting woman. These women are smart, savvy and above all “nice” . Thank you Andrea. I’m proud to be a supporter of the Women’s Leadership Exchange
    Continue to be “moorefabulous”
    Vera Moore,Pres/CEO
    Vera Moore Cosmetics

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