Cary Carbonaro: “Money Queen” Shares Insights on Creating Wealth and Making Better Decisions


Women are known to be conservative towards money matters, but one particular woman has shown that any woman can become a Money Queen with the right knowledge and attitude.

Join Maribeth today as she interviews the popular “Money Queen” Cary Carbonaro, author of the #1 Amazon bestseller The Money Queen’s Guide and one of only 50 ambassadors for the CFP® Board in the United States.

Cary will talk about her experiences in her long career in financial services, and how she added a lot of the money-related pointers and tips she learned in The Money Queen’s Guide. She will also discuss the common mistakes many women make when it comes to making financial decisions. As she has been featured in many popular talk shows, she will also touch on what it’s like being interviewed on national television and making segments for TV and how she deals with being under the public eye.

Many poorly made financial decisions stem from lack of knowledge and financial savvy. Learn from Cary today on how you can improve your financial literacy to be a Money Queen!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• Some pointers on how to build wealth and have a financially secure future.
• Why women sometimes have a harder time controlling their financial positions.
• What you can do today to improve your future financial prospects.
• How to deal with backlash and haters, especially when you’re wildly successful.


• There is no get-rich-quick. It’s a get-rich-slow.
• Doing all the right things with money will get you to your goals of being rich.
• When you’re in [a bad] state, you should not be making [financial decisions]. 99% of the time they are wrong, and you’ll be paying for them for a long time.
• We get more nervous that we’re going to wind up with nothing, so we’d rather hoard cash than invest because we’re afraid we’ll lose.

Big Takeaways:

• Women are known to be more conservative when it comes to investing their money into financial instruments. Cary encourages everyone to enhance their financial literacy and not be so afraid of losses so that we can all have a bright financial future.
• A number of times, we are led to make decisions while at a heightened emotional state. These decisions may not be the most financially sound, and it’s best to postpone any serious decision-making until you are ready to go over the pros and cons in a more stable light.
• In terms of self-promotion and putting your work out there, there will always be a mix of reactions from different people. It’s never going to be all good, and what’s more important is how you react to such scenarios.

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