Debra Duneier: Creating Incredible Success Stories Using Feng Shui


Ever wondered why sometimes you just don’t have the energy to get through the day? Maybe it was because of your environment all along.

In today’s episode, Maribeth interviews Debra Duneier, a certified eco-designer, LEED associate, and feng shui practitioner who will open up about the secrets of how to make your space work for you in a very holistic way.

Debra will talk about Eco Chi, a company she started that focuses on designs that have a unique combination of green and sustainability, while incorporating classical feng shui and modern environmental psychology. She will also tell of her success stories on helping turn around the lives and businesses of people with just a few special touches in their everyday spaces. Moreover, she will also give some tips on how you too can improve your space and help bring on a more positive mindset.

While your success largely depends on your attitude, having the right surroundings to support you in your goals will help bring you closer to them. Let Debra enlighten you on the small things you can do today to attract good fortune and live a better life.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• The importance of designing your space in the right way in order to support you in your goals.
• How Debra has created a holistic system of interior design that is eco-friendly, sustainable, and made to bring out your positive energy everyday.
• How feng shui can be used together with modern environmental psychology in order to elevate the human experience in different spaces.


• It’s about the human interaction in a space, and how it influences people to be healthier, happier, and to reach their goals.
• According to the energies that are present, this is where we really work our magic and our creativity as designers.
• Let’s see what happens when you change this, and when you are actively looking at everything you want to bring into your life.

Big Takeaways:

• Surprising as it may seem, your surrounding environment plays a big factor in your mood and overall attitude. Simple interior design tips can actually help bring out your best everyday.
• You do not need to spend millions of dollars to bring into your life everything you want. A good positive mindset surrounded by a nurturing environment may be what you need to attract those successes.

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  1. Surlena

    How awesome, you came to Bermuda. We should set something up to have another conference here, but this time it should be about the Eco-environmental designing.

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