Diane Conklin: Creating Extraordinary Growth… For Real


FACT: 96% of businesses won’t make six figures.

Find out how you can create a six figure business today by listening to our special guest, Diane Conklin. As the founder Complete Marketing Systems, Diane was able to work with businesses and individuals to come up with sound, actionable strategies to grow their revenue in as little as 90 days.

As a marketing and business strategist, she’ll tell you why great marketing doesn’t really have to be “great”. Instead, it only needs to be good. Plus, she’ll share her advice for corporate women on how they can market themselves within their organization. Then, you’ll discover how you can make progress by learning the lessons about implementation; a value she highlighted after working with someone who built a 6-figure business in 90 days.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The secret to great marketing that most people can’t – or refuse – to recognize.
  • As a 52-year-old white lesbian, Diane has learned to speak the truth about who she is. Learn the power of doing this.
  • How can you motivate yourself to act on perfecting your marketing system in spite of the fear you might experience along the way.
  • What she thinks can solve the problem of corporate women who were not able to market themselves well inside their organization.
  • Her thoughts on female-owned businesses not getting as much revenue as their male counterparts.


  • Do whatever you should be doing in marketing. And then add one more thing. And when one more thing gets comfortable, add another one.
  • The more money you make, the more good you can do.
  • Work ON your business, not IN your business. That’ll make all the difference in the world.
  • What gets measured, gets better. What gets measured, gets done.
  • You can’t improve in your business and in your life if you don’t know where you are today.
  • There’s enough for all of us… the money will come.

Big Takeaways:

  • The key to good marketing is to start doing something and grow from there. Nothing may seem perfect at first, but it’s better than not starting at all.
  • Fear can be paralyzing when you start your marketing campaign. But it shouldn’t keep you from launching your campaign and let people know that you’ve got a great product to offer.
  • Making a name for yourself within the organization is a matter of pushing yourself a little bit further your comfort zone by being the best that you can be and not being someone else.
  • Achieving your goal is all about implementation. Your mentors can do only so much in showing you the way. At the end of the day, your application of these lessons spells the difference between your success and failure.
  • 96% of small businesses will never make six figures. The reason is because most of them don’t have a specific target in mind (e.g. desired revenue over a given period).

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