Elizabeth McCourt: How Spilling Your Secrets Can Give You The Right Mindset For Your Business


We all have days when we think that we are not going to succeed in our goals in life and business. While it may be difficult to shift this mindset into something more productive, TEDx speaker, executive coach and sponsored triathlete Elizabeth McCourt shows you how an endurance athlete’s perspective can provide you the right mental training that is guaranteed to have maximum impact on your success.

In today’s podcast, Elizabeth talks about how she used her experiences in her different career paths and interests, ranging from law to financial services to writing to even endurance training, to mold herself into an executive coach that has helped leaders and teams work at their top performance.

She also discusses how her TEDx Talk “Why You Should Spill Your Secrets” has touched many people around the world, especially since it was something that has helped her connect better to the clients she helps everyday.

She gives as well some tips and pointers that she has learned as an athlete that she has found applicable to any business scenario, and some common challenges she has helped her successful clients overcome.

No matter what industry you are in or what kind of person you are, you too can benefit from the discipline and mental training of a seasoned triathlete. Let Elizabeth show you how to achieve your goals with just the right mindset.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• How an endurance athlete’s training can be applied to a business setting.
• How to harness all your experience in different fields to build a career that you love.
• The connection between your secrets and your self-esteem.
• Effective ways to silence the little voice inside you that tells you that you are going to fail.


• [Spilling secrets] gets you to connect with people and impact people in a positive way by letting them see you in a more honest way.
• I think resilience and training yourself to be more resilient are the key tools to leadership.
• Shift your mindset, train yourself to believe that you can, and push yourself to try things that you don’t think that you can do.
• It’s all about getting your mind straight so that you can accomplish whatever it is on your list of what you want to accomplish.

Big Takeaways:

• While having a lot of career paths and interests can be overwhelming, all the things you’ve done in your life will eventually and inevitably lead you to where you’re supposed to be going.
• Sharing your secrets is a good way to connect with other people and helps you be more authentic to yourself.
• Everyone, even the most successful business-people, have their own issues to work through. A good mindset, such as that of an endurance athlete, is definitely beneficial in helping you build resiliency to get through all the tough times.

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• Elizabeth’s Facebok page: https://www.facebook.com/elizabethmccourtcoaching/
• Why You Should Spill Your Secrets, a TEDx Talk by Elizabeth McCourt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhHiUGLcn_U
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