How Important is Your Team?

Is your business a team sport? Do you regularly give credit to your team for the success of your business? Or do you view your success as all your own?

How important is your team? Take some time to consider this question. If you feel you couldn’t do it without the team behind you, how do you give credit to them and show appreciation?

Jordan Spieth, in a post-Masters interview regarding his spectacular Green Jacket win, spoke as if he was playing a team sport. But golf is arguably a true individual sport! Golfer against golfer.

Jordan said, “It is the incredible hard work that the team put in to give us an opportunity to be in that position and see what we have.”

We? Is he being too modest regarding his own talent that led to his victory, or does the team behind him truly make a difference to his success? It is rare to hear anyone who appears to have singularly won to give credit to the team rather than speak of just himself. And he’s only 21 years old. How does that make his team feel?

How does your team feel? By taking the time to credit your employees for their part in your success, you’ll have a company that functions more like a winning sports team.

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