Virginie Glaenzer: Passion is More Powerful Than Reality


If there’s one lesson in life Virginie Glaenzer wants to teach us, it’s being faithful with our passion. That’s what she did to become a successful entrepreneur, marketer, speaker and a tech maverick who founded 2 software startups.

Join Virginie as she shares her humble beginning as a foreigner moving to Silicon Valley with barely little money, living in a motel and with a cheeseburger as daily meal. Next, she’ll talk about the lessons she learned as an entrepreneur, which started when she successfully raised $250,000 in less than 3 months. Plus, how her rebellious spirit paid-off big time during her early years building her companies.

Listen as Virginie shares her recent success story about the company she is working with after moving to New York and how they were able to get a call from the producers of James Earl Jones’ TV series asking them to be part of a TV documentary about energy.

As the author of “The Awakened Brand”, Virginie discuss how she believes the “consciousness revolution” is impacting the digital brand and online sales. Then, she’ll discuss about “open source marketing” – a brand new concept based on agile development and growth hacking.

Growing in France, Virginie explains why her parent’s lack of expectation allowed her to excel in what she does – from the time she moved to Silicon Valley until now. Lastly, she’ll share tips on how to get your passion back especially when we find ourselves stuck in the corporate treadmill.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Her early years as a foreigner moving to Silicon Valley and what kick started her career.
  • The entrepreneurial lessons she learned during her 15 years working on Silicon Valley.
  • What failure taught her about life and about starting her own company.
  • The one book that turned her career around.
  • The number 1 reason why her passion for work became the biggest game changer in her career.
  • Her recent success with a marketing campaign that led to a TV documentary appearance for the company she’s working with.
  • What is “open source marketing” and how it will allow businesses launch agile, interactive campaigns.
  • What drives her to accomplish so many things — starting from moving to another country to building her own business.
  • How to get your passion back.


  • Passion is more powerful than reality.
  • Society doesn’t recognize “easy”. It actually put emphasis on challenges. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the recognition.
  • The world is our mirror. Whatever I’m learning from others is kind of a reflection about myself.

Big Takeaways:

  • Even successful people experience failure. It’s part of life
  • There’s a big chance that you’ll be good at what you’re passionate about and people will assume it’s easy when in fact it’s not. And that’s okay, since you have to eventually follow what works for you.
  • The concepts of agile development and growth hacking bring a brand-new approach to marketing in which launching campaigns don’t need to be tedious, long and monotonous. Instead, launches become more agile, quick and interactive.
  • Being passionate is a decision. It’s important to step back for a while, analyze your situation and ask yourself whether your actions are still on track with your passion. Only then you’ll be able to decide on how to re-align yourself with the things you’re passionate about.

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