Lih Fang Chew: Breaking Multiple Barriers With Discipline And Confidence

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In this interview, hear from Lih Fang Chew, Global Vice President of Marketing at Quadion, as she talks about her experiences in breaking the glass ceiling and moving through different fields to experience numerous successes and achievements.

Listen as she talks about her growth and development when she shifted careers, from graduating as an electrical engineer, to becoming a marketing expert for a well-established industrial company.

Lih Fang also relates her own thoughts and encounters regarding gender and cultural stereotypes. She mentions as well some lessons she’s learned over the years on how to handle different kinds of people, despite many challenges.

Through perseverance and discipline, Lih Fang shows that anyone can achieve success, as long as they take the risk and not take no for an answer.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• The importance of being flexible and disciplined, no matter what field you enter.
• How to persevere against people’s stereotypes and perceptions.
• Why you don’t need to use an English name to succeed in an international market.


• My advice is to evaluate your options, see what you like, take a leap of faith, and take the risk. You’ll never know what you truly excel in if you don’t try.
• I don’t take no for an answer. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean that I can’t do things that I want to do.
• Do not put yourself down and do not listen to people when they tell you no because of your gender or that you can’t do something.
• An achievement for me is being able to do what I strongly believe in and change the mindset of people, the perception they have of me as a woman and as an Asian.

Big Takeaways:

• It is not impossible to make radical shifts between careers. Just remember to carefully evaluate your options, make your choices with confidence, and persevere against any challenges.
• There may be people who will stereotype you because of your gender, race, etc. However, if you strongly believe in what you are doing, people will respect that and may even change their perspective towards you.
• It may be difficult to get a mentor nowadays, but networking can be helpful in your overall development.

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