Struggling to Stand Out?

If you could stand out to your prospects as THE person or firm to work with, would it change your business? Have you focused any effort on trying to stand out amongst your competitors, or have you assumed that it’s just not possible?

If you have focused on standing out (which is possible, of course!) how are you directing your efforts? Oftentimes professionals target their efforts on having an active presence on social media, updating the design and visuals on their website, or attending more local events as ways to stand out. However, just having a presence, attending an event, or focusing your website on new, awesome pictures of bridges and cityscapes are not the most important aspects. In other words, the focus is NOT only on showing up. Because when it comes to standing out, that is only part of the story.

Your competitive edge is more than having a visually pleasing exposure; it is what you are saying whenever and wherever you appear. Download our free Messaging Worksheet that will guide you in developing your best differentiators.

The words you use to describe you, your firm, and those you work with are critical. The visuals are easy to view and approve. However, how much time have you spent developing authentic, non-salesy, ways of describing your firm that make people want to know more?

The key is to be more compelling with your words by making them about the person you are talking to or creating the messaging for – as opposed to general statements about you. With a little time and focus spent on describing the standout aspects of your business, you will actually find you CAN stand out in a crowded space.

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