Teresa de Grosbois: Innovative Thinking to Gain Mass Influence


We always thought that being a person of influence is a privilege reserved for the few.

Or is it?

Let New York Times bestselling author and Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) founder, Teresa De Grosbois, show you how to become influential while attracting the success that you deserve in your life, business and career.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How she got started in the study of influence.
  • The story behind Evolutionary Business Council’s formation into what it is today – a 10 million-strong international organization of speakers and influencers focused on teaching the principles of success.
  • The habit that people do or have that generate the most influence.
  • The real trick in dealing with your “inner dialogue” to help you achieve your breakthrough.
  •  How women can win more business in today’s environment.
  • How an EBC member successfully launched her book into the NY Times’ bestseller list through her services to the organization.
  • Teresa’s latest book, “Mass Influence: The Habits Of The Highly Influential”, and why she thinks  it’s easy to be influential and get what you want in life.


  • If I’m not scaring myself daily, I’m probably not playing big enough.
  • When you apply what you’re really good at with what you really love, influence and success just follow.
  • The trick to being highly influential and abundant is to be of high service to the world.
  • Risk is not something to be avoided. Risk is our friend.
  • The world of entrepreneurship is the world of risk.
  • Sometimes, the biggest risk is living your dream.
  • Influence lies in authentically praising those you respect and admire.
  • We don’t realize about what we were great at until somebody else points it out to us.
  • Letting others talk about how great you are is far better than you, talking about how great you are.

Big Takeaways:

  • You think that reaching for your dream is daunting. In fact, you find living your dream risky. But you have to realize that it is worth fulfilling because: a) It’s something you’re passionate about b) It’s something that you can awesomely do.
  • Success, influence and all wonderful things lie in the realm of learning to notice how you think about yourself and your dreams.
  • Work on the principle that you can’t make yourself famous. You can only help other people become influential and make them give it back to you.
  • When you build relationships as natural as breathing, the service you provide to others can and will come back to you tenfold. Influence and money are going to show up in great abundance.
  • Your inner dialogues are neither good nor bad. Instead of fighting it, allow it to inspire you to build powerful relationships with thought leaders. Help them to change the world through their messages about health, business or success.

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