The Most Powerful Way to Show Gratitude

When you send out a holiday card or an email to everyone you know
expressing gratitude for their friendship or business, it is nice and well-intentioned.

I believe, though, that the most powerful way to truly show that you are thankful is by sending an individual email, making a call, or writing a meaningful note in a card to your friend, associate or client.

This holiday season, I am making a point to call people that I am truly thankful for or writing a note in a card to tell them personally.

Why? The “thank you” that is delivered personally takes more effort than sending off an email, mailing a card (except a handwritten thank you note), or announcing a thank you to everyone in your email newsletter. The “thank you” that is just for the person receiving it is much more meaningful.

Now, if you have hundreds of clients, you likely won’t be able to call or write a personal note to all of them, but what about just a few? I bet it will make a big impact to those you take the extra time to recognize.

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