Tremecca Doss: TV Attorney Talks Sports, Inclusion, and Success


In today’s episode, listen to “TV Attorney” Tremecca Doss as she shares her insight on appearing as a legal analyst for a number of TV programs, working with C-Suite leaders and pro sports organizations, and fighting for further diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Tremecca talks about how she started her career through a mix of sports, law, and public appearances. She also describes what it’s like working as a woman of color in male-dominated fields, since she has experience working as an attorney for both the corporate world and the field of professional sports. She then touches on her own thoughts about diversity, and why she believes that inclusion is much more important than diversity initiatives. She gives as well the reason why she doesn’t consider herself successful, despite the many wonderful things she’s done in her career.

There are so many opportunities available to you, no matter what your background is. Let Tremecca empower you to attain success so that you too can be committed to doing good things that can change the world.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• Tremecca’s experiences on being a woman of color in male-dominated fields like law or professional sports.
• The similarities between the pressing legal issues of the corporate world and the field of pro sports.
• The difference between diversity and inclusion.
• What it’s like winning on game shows like NBC’s “Weakest Link”.


• It’s just making sure that everyonehas the equal chance, the fair chance, to really just have a shot at just making it.
• We’re moving from… segregation, desegregation, integration, affirmative action, diversity, tolerance, and then to inclusiveness.
• Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Big Takeaways:

• Working as a woman (of color) in a male-dominated field can be a challenge at times, but it is up to everyone to make sure that diversity issues should be addressed. Moreover, diversity initiatives are only a step towards real inclusion, which all companies should strive to have.
• One big benefit of full inclusion is having a wide spectrum of experience to tap into in order to achieve great results.

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