3 Actions to Improve Your Business During Crisis

While you are working from home, perhaps have less work to do, and have extra time usually consumed by socializing, why not section off some of your availability to upgrade your marketing? It actually may be a great time to evaluate what you are doing and plan for the future of your business.

1. Improve Your Brand

Take some time to evaluate and rate your brand. This could include your logo, name, tagline, value proposition, and how you believe you are perceived by others. Ask your team members and other professionals you trust for their opinion as well. Often, we don’t have enough time to pay attention to the nuances of a brand. Now may be the perfect time to consider an upgrade. 

2. Evaluate and Clean Up Your Website

Take a long look at your website. When was the last time you did that? 

Ask yourself:

  • Does your website messaging speak to your target prospects and their challenges?
  • Does your website convert your target prospects into appointments?
  • Are people reading your content (check your Google Analytics- you will find the truth about what is happening)? 
  • Is your value proposition clearly identified (why you)?
  • Do you have attention-grabbing graphics and videos?
  • Could you make the case for your business with LESS words and pages on your site?

Check out our upcoming free webinar on Marketing in the Age of Social Distancing where we will go over even more strategies for expanding your success as we determine the new-normal.

3. Develop Your NEW Client Communications Strategy

Clients cherish your communications during difficult times. Moving forward, what are the triggers for your crisis communications plan so in the future you will feel and are more prepared for impactful and frequent communications. 


  1. Trigger-1% – 2% Market Decline: Weekly email communication describing your position on the current market conditions.
  2. Trigger-2% or more Market Decline: The team splits up the client list and calls clients personally. 
  3. Trigger-After a prolonged downturn of the market (2 weeks+): Schedule weekly webinars, record videos, set individual zoom calls, and phone appointments to deliver your confidence-building messages and strategies for moving forward. 


  1. Develop a monthly perspectives email. Clients care about your perspective on world issues and potential future impacts on the economy (positive and negative). They especially care about how these issues will impact then and what you have done to prepare them and their portfolios for the future.  
  2. Your purpose is to deliver value, not communications. Thus, only disseminate content that is mostly interesting to your clients and prospects. You can measure this by looking at your open rates and asking what they like and don’t like – often. Gone are the days of sending out stock emails that your clients do not care about and are not reading.

The future of your business and marketing can be positively impacted by your attention today. Make some changes while you have the time and attention and reap the benefits in the future.  

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