Marketing Has Changed. Are You Ready?

I believe the face of marketing has changed. And I’m not talking about “marketing in a crisis.” I’m talking about the fact that our ability to market our businesses and services may have changed forever (or at least for a long time).

I recently did a video/webinar presentation on Marketing in the Age of Social Distancing (the webinar replay recording is here). When I began researching for the presentation, I thought that what is working today would be classified as temporary solutions. But, with all the uncertainty, I now feel that in order for businesses to survive and thrive moving forward, marketing needs to transition in a more permanent way. Therefore, sooner rather than later we have to get better at virtual marketing and prospecting strategies.

The question is, can you afford to wait until things get back to “normal?” Perhaps it is more advantageous to believe that what we have now is our “next normal” and we need to pivot. 

Here are some proven adjustments for mindset and action around marketing.

1. Prospecting – It’s the perfect time. 

It’s time to reach out to prospects. People are more captive than they usually are – they are at home, spending more time online, and answering their phones. And, it is NOT the wrong time to prospect. In fact, maybe there has never been a better time. Investors need guidance, confidence, a plan, and an advisor who will communicate with them. In fact, now more than ever it is time for many investors to get a second opinion.  If your “why” is strong enough, you are not selling, you are serving. LinkedIn is a great tool to uncover prospects, and asking your clients to point you to someone who needs a second opinion is an easy ask right now.

2. Events – A great way to let people get to know you.

Events have long been considered a great way for someone to sit in the back of the room and get to know you by observing your presentation. In fact, attendees may sit in the room and actually begin to like you and trust you! So, consider replacing your live events, workshops and seminars with powerful alternatives. In fact, if you don’t do events, now may be a great time to start! Yes, dinner seminars, wine tasting events and educational workshops can be done online. We are seeing financial advisors entertain and educate their clients, gain referrals, and host successful prospecting dinner seminars. These events are often less expensive than in-person events with a lower barrier to entry for you and the attendees – and they work! 

3. Upgrade Your Value Proposition for RIGHT NOW.

Does your value proposition that you share with clients, prospects, on your website, and in your marketing address what is happening right now? Does it pinpoint your target market’s biggest challenges? If it doesn’t, it may be a critical missed opportunity. Investors are looking for answers to specific questions related to volatile markets, protection, and planning for an uncertain future. If you directly address challenges, urgency increases, and you automatically become more compelling. 

Yes, we are in the middle of a lot of upheaval and change and yes, we want it to go away. But instead, this may be a great opportunity to make a marketing pivot and put yourself in the position to create a big difference in lives of others. I know because I have seen advisors doing just this – right now.  

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2 responses on “Marketing Has Changed. Are You Ready?

  1. Lawrence Pignataro

    SO I would be willing to engage in a process that brings me up to speed on marketing electronically. Getting to my clients should be easy if i can identify their email addresses, but what about prospects.
    thank you,

    1. Maribeth Kuzmeski Post author

      Hi Larry, To cultivate prospects, you could use social media. Also, there are email lists for sale. Hope this helps! Good luck with you digital marketing!

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