Annette Bau: Discover Your Worth Barometer

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As the creator of and, Annette shares the ideas behind her programs. Along the way, she realized that everything has a set of formula – getting rich, becoming healthier or getting successful. And in this episode, she’ll talk about the 3 components which make up the success formula.

She then talks about the belief system and the inner game that’s happening in all of us. Then, she explains the importance of reaching the Alpha stage – a certain mental level high-performers can easily tap into.

Lastly, she will lay out the necessary steps to fulfill any gameplan – all of which comes from understanding your worth barometer.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• The idea behind your worth barometer.
• The 3 components of a success formula.
• The 5 different states of consciousness and how they relate to productivity and peak performance.
• The 3 levels of WHY.
• How to create your gameplan.


• Lack of action is really an inner game issue.
• When you go into something – even if you don’t have experience – and you’re giving a 110%, the outcome is always better.

Big Takeaways:

• Even though you need to give people a process and help them with their formula, there also has to be some sort of accountability to keep them engaged.
• Your beliefs will dictate what you can or cannot do. You have to focus on those that will support and serve you. Because that’s the key in getting what you’re aiming for.
• We’ve got so many beliefs that aren’t serving us well – we have to let them go.
• Getting want you want starts with identifying it; followed by figuring out the reason why you need it; and finally, it’s being clear at your goal.
• The key for an effective execution is consistent, massive and right action.

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