Kate Bensen: Connecting Top Female Executives and Making Meaningful Change

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In this episode, President and CEO of the Chicago Network, Kate Bensen talks about the 4 main purposes of her organization and what needs to be done to increase diversity amongst corporate organizations.

Then, she gives her views on the flexibility issues associated with being a female executive. How does a woman leader handle this challenge and what needs to be done to fulfill the balance between work and life?

MBA programs have been a catalyst for growth both professionally and economically. However, as male executives grow their income over time, the opposite is true among their female counterpart. Kate explains this trend and gives her insight on why this disparity is happening.

Finally, Kate shares the organizations women should be involved with if they’re planning to move up the corporate ladder.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• What is The Chicago Network all about?
• The current status of women in Chicago in terms of advancing their careers.
• The 2 drivers for change that will give a huge boost to the number of women CEOs in corporate organizations.
• The initiatives companies have to do to promote diversity and inclusion among their ranks.
• How to get involved in cultivating the next generation of women leaders.


• If these firms are going to thrive, they have to win the war on talent.

Big Takeaways:

• Several studies suggest that profits go up amongst businesses that appoint women to the board and executive positions.
• True leadership means getting out of your comfort zone and discovering the unknown.

Related Links & References:

• The Chicago Network official website: www.thechicagonetwork.org
• Kate’s LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/katebensen
• Professional Women Lose Confidence, Ambition As they Reach mid-career, new Bain & Company study finds: www.bain.com/about/press/press-releases/professional-women-lose-confidence-ambition-as-they-reach-mid-career
• The Crisis of Confidence Infographic: www.bain.com/infographics/parity

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