An Easy Strategy for Creating A Growing Business Pipeline

NetworkDo you have a strong network? If you had to put a value on your web of connections – what would it be? A renewed focus on building a valuable network, each week, could undoubtedly result in a growing pipeline of new business. If most of our best clients come as introductions from others, then maybe what we need are more of the “others” to help us.

In the book The Connectors, I wrote about the one unique thing that most super successful individuals in the world possess. I have spent a lot of time researching and considering their intellectual power, their competitiveness, their determination, their implementation strategies, their staff, their funding options — and just about anything that you can think of that may distinctively contribute to such positive results.

However, when we break down the characteristics that extraordinary business people possess, many of them are what we may consider to be some of the obvious enviable traits: Persistence, drive, hard work, intelligence, ability to generate new ideas, ability to change, and a ‘never take no for an answer’ mindset, etc. However — there is one more key characteristic: an individual’s particular ability to connect with others and form a meaningful network of business relationships.

Connecting is truly a “secret to success” because it is often dismissed. We have a tendency to brush off the importance of our ability to connect and create relationships as a key contributor and explanation for business success.

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2 responses on “An Easy Strategy for Creating A Growing Business Pipeline

  1. Julie

    I like and get a lot of valuable information from many of your articles, but it’s a little annoying to have to click twice from the original email to “read more.”

    1. Maribeth Kuzmeski Post author

      Hi Julie, I know what you mean about the functionality of the site. I have asked my team to check into this. Thanks for your comment!

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