Chris Tieri: Achieving Your Goals thru Grit and Relationships

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If there are two words that clearly define Chris Tieri, that’ll be grittiness and tenacity. But it’s the relationships she forges with clients that truly have brought her success.

In this week’s episode, Chris brings us back in time when she had to brave the rain to make anappointment with a creative director she’s been following for so long. She’ll show us why sometimes, talent and skills can only do so much. That it also takes some grit and tenacity to get the job done.

As the only certified brand strategist in New England, Chris walks us through the process of getting that certification and show us the responsibilities it requires. She will explain the importance of crafting a unique message if you want to stand out among the competition.

Then, she’ll explain why your presentation may not be the most important aspect of business communication. Instead, she’ll point us to a deeper source – something that doesn’t involve technology at all! Relationships.

Lastly, Chris shares her experience around managing her agency by herself and the realization that hiring qualified people to work on things she’s not good at is always a smart business decision.


In this episode, you’ll learn:
• How to search for and connect with clients without appearing as if you’re stalking them.
• The role of a brand strategist and the process you have to go through to earn such role.
• The key to making a good pitch.

• If you’re not standing out, you just don’t really exist these days.
• You don’t have to be anything to everyone; nor should you be.
• You do business with people that you like.

Big Takeaways:
• Grit and persistence bring results which talent, IQ and skills cannot.
• The mistake that people make in marketing is that they don’t message themselves properly. And if you don’t have the right messaging, it doesn’t matter how many places that you’re advertising – nobody will pay attention to you.
• Having a successful business starts with identifying your customer’s key pain points and addressing them on a personal level.

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