Elaine Bedel: Fast Growing Firm Powered by Loyal Employees and a Competitive, Courageous and Giving Spirit


Being competitive is a healthy trait.

As CEO and Owner of Bedel Financial Consulting, Elaine shares her insights on how to build a successful career in the financial services – especially for women. She gives her list of things someone must possess before they go out and build their own business. Among other things, she’ll talk about the ways on how to earn your team’s loyalty and respect.

Next, Elaine explains why you should be courageous enough to speak your mind — whether you’re with a client or in a board meeting. Plus, she gives a few tips on how to handle a discussion using simple phrases. And as a media personality, she’ll also walk us through the process of preparing for a TV guesting and keynotes on how to bring out the best of each production.

Lastly, as chair of Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, Elaine talks about her group’s efforts to provide financial security to the women in her community through a fellowship called “The NEXTInitative”.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• How to manage your time between your family, your career and your community.
• The reasons why there’s not a lot of women in the financial services industry.
• The traits you’ve got to have in order to build your own business.
• Tips on how to speak your mind, stand out and be heard.
• How to earn the respect and loyalty of your employees.


• If women in your community are doing well, families do better, communities do better.

Big Takeaways:

• Always give your team an opportunity to excel. Position them to showcase their skills and talents. By doing so, you earn their respect, loyalty and commitment.
• When building your business, put an emphasis to build a strong team around you. Surround yourself with people skilled enough to perform well even at your absence. This will ensure continuity of your services and automation of your system.

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• Women’s Fund of Central Indiana official website: www.womensfund.org
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