Cindi Cervone-Carlson: Empowering Strategies For Getting Exactly What You Ask For

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How do you get that promotion or ace that interview? Cindi talks about the importance of taking ownership and asking for what you want in any scenario. She also touches on making connections and as well as on tips for networking better with other people.

Cindi Cervone-Carlson, Senior Vice President of a premiere outplacement consulting company, starts the interview with her own experiences, and discusses how she rose up the ranks through hard work and preparation. She also discusses what she believes are the two most important things an interviewee has to bring to the table that will bring their best foot forward.

In every step of your career, it is important to be prepared to make the most of any opportunities that may come your way. Listen as Cindi offers some advice on how to progress through the ranks while remaining completely authentic and inspired to dream a bigger dream.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• Why doing preparations beforehand will help bring out your authenticity in an interview.
• The importance of taking ownership and asking for what you want.
• Networking techniques that will help you make a genuine connection with other people.
• How to pleasantly brag about your achievements.


• If you can come into this market with a Millennial mentality and a Baby Boomer work ethic and put in the hard work… Anything could happen.
• Being prepared allows you to be authentic and create a connection with the person on the other side of the desk.
• It’s really about taking that ownership, and when it’s time, asking for what the next thing is.

Big Takeaways:

• Being prepared helps bring out your authenticity, which also helps you connect with other people who may give you a number of opportunities.
• Asking for what you want may just accelerate your career faster than by just waiting to get what you think you deserve.
• Networking is not just about meeting people, but also about cultivating relationships and connecting with people in genuine ways.

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