Elizabeth Dean: Women Can Have it All

Ever heard about Forensic Accounting?

If not, then you’ll in for a treat as our special guest, Elizabeth Dean shares how her passion for mathematics led her to a rather new kind of service in the financial world.

As the vice-president and founding member of TM Financial Forensics LLC, Elizabeth tells her journey from doing a traditional accounting role into consulting.

Along the way, she discovers key issues that impact not just her but all women who are looking to further their career in male dominated fields: law, technology and finance.

With more than 20 years in financial services, Elizabeth shares her personal definition of success. She talks about how success changes as she move forward from being in college to the professional field. Plus, we’ll learn about HiPower and what value it delivers especially to women who want to advance their careers.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• How she got started in a field that’s dominated by men.
• Reasons why there’s quite a shortage of women scaling up to higher position in traditional industries like law, financial services, engineering and accounting.
• Instances in her career where being a woman restricted her from doing what she has to do.
• The value of being in an organization like HiPower.
• The challenges that she had to overcome during her career in forensic accounting.
• The risks involved in creating a business that is fairly new to the market and wasn’t recognized by most companies.


• The assumption that women can’t be effective at their jobs once they have a family is naïve.
• If you need something, you should ask. Don’t toil in silence.
• I feel in retrospect that everybody, even in a very large organization, has an impact. Everything you do is beneficial to the company.

Big Takeaways:

• Organization should create a cultural environment that encourages women to develop a long-term career goal. Such encouragement could be in a form of a more flexible policies.
• If you want to advance your goals – whether professionally or personally – you have to learn how to ask. Toiling in silence isn’t a smart thing to do.
• Create an environment that supports diversity – whether it’s between genders or races.
• Even challenges can open a window of opportunity to grow your business or your career. Don’t close your door to the possibility of building on the challenges you had to go through.

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