Joanna Bloor: Using Your Curiosity to Achieve Important Things

Quick question: What are you curious about?

If you’re going to ask our guest, Joanna Bloor, you’ll be surprised at what she’s bringing to the table.

As someone who was compared to or associated with Bette Midler, Tony Robbins and Steve Wozniak, Joanna opens up our episode with a list of topics she’s curious about: the impact of millennials, the next phase of the Internet and 3D printing.

She explains why being curious is a fundamental trait if you want to network with other people – whether they’re prospective clients or potential business partners.

Through her podcast 3D LILA, Joanna reveals her thoughts on weight loss and fitness and how she combines technology, data and humanity to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, Joanna tackles about turning your workplace into an environment that exhibits more empathy towards your team and your customers.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• The reason why curiosity is an important trait to have if you want to fulfill something important in your life.
• The potential of 3D printing – from health and fitness to space exploration.
• Why the concept of job descriptions and resumes is unimportant anymore.
• How can a workplace exhibit more empathy.


• Being curious is truly the thing that starts to manifest the things you know you’re supposed to do.
• We cannot possibly be curious about something that we don’t care about.
• You hire somebody because you need a problem solved.

Big Takeaways:

• People really want to matter. And if you want to build a strong relationship with your customers, colleagues, boss or even your family, you have to show interest — or curiosity — about who they are or what they do.
• If you want to advance your goals – whether professionally or personally – you have to learn how to ask. Toiling in silence isn’t a smart thing to do.
• Empathy in the workplace begins with putting yourself into other person’s shoes. Understand where they’re coming from and make an effort to see the situation through their eyes.

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