Emilia DiMenco: Certifying Women-Owned Businesses and Dramatically Accelerating Growth

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How can you fast track your career and perceived as a valuable asset in your organization?

Let Emilia Dimenco answer those questions for you.

As the President and CEO of Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC), Emilia talks about the various support they offer to several types of businesses.

Having a successful 30-year career in the financial services, Emilia shares her experience in investment banking and the value of sponsorship in accelerating her career – from being an intern into becoming a leader in various financial organizations.

She explains why having a sponsor is key if someone is aiming for the executive level and how working with clients accelerated her career growth. Plus, she shares 2 key factors that jumpstarted her career and led her to become a senior vice-president, and later, an executive vice-president.

Lastly, Emilia explains the importance of being respectful towards the knowledge and experiences of those around you. And, how working with leaders could potentially increase your chances of getting ahead in your career.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• The various types of support business owners can expect from Women’s Business Development Center.
• The difference between mentorship and sponsorship.


• If I could teach a business owner only one thing, I would teach them what creates value in a company and what destorys value in a company.
• The people that are closest to their clients are the people that will get the greatest attention.

Big Takeaways:

• Having a good personal relationship with a sponsor isn’t enough. You have to turn sponsors into advocates by showcasing your abilities to them.
• It’s not enough that you have a great idea. You have to let others jump in and let them become involved in bringing your idea into life.
• Working with leaders starts with understanding their decision-making process and discovering their agendas.

Related Links & References:

• Women’s Business Development Center official website: www.wbdc.org
• Mindy’s LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/emilia-dimenco

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