6 Absolutes for Your Website in 2016

Yes, your website needs to have a great design with layout, graphics and photography and be responsive (so that it looks great on any device). But there are some absolutes for your site that need to be taken into account as well. When considering what your website must have in 2016, start with these 6 absolutes.

1. Clearly define the “one thing” that you want prospects to know about your firm (i.e. our team sets us apart).

2. Your messaging needs to be concise and compelling describing who you are, what you do, and why someone should work with you.

3. Speak to your potential ideal client directly by focusing on your highest common denominator client on your website, not everyone. Your ideal client only wants to know that you can work with them (i.e. don’t say we work with individuals, families, and businesses doing xyz – it is not compelling to anyone).

4. Get your website visitor to do something (i.e. have a way for a visitor to watch a video, download an interesting report, sign up for a series of videos, an event, or your e-newsletter).

5. Make sure your bios are interesting with a narrative about each person, not just a laundry list of what they do. Connecting happens on a personal level (i.e. the first paragraph of a bio should answer the question, “Why are you in this business?”).

6. Drive people back to your site with frequent updates of your calls to action. Use email and social media to drive people back to your blog or new videos, consistently.

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