Geeta Kadambi: Scientist and Single Mom Who Attracted the Help She Needed

Discover the value of authenticity, perseverance, and following your passion.
That’s what our guest, Geeta Kadambi, has been doing her entire life – and it has been rewarding.

As someone who has mentored young professionals, she’ll share her recommendation to people looking for a career in science and medicine. What does it take to become a successful physician or scientist? What attitude should you bring to the table? What does passion have to do when choosing the right career for you?

Then, you’ll get to know the people who mentored and helped her along the way – from her PhD studies in India to a prestigious scholarship in the US. What qualities does she has that made her attract these people in the first place? And what value could you get from her experience when you’re looking for mentors and industry leaders?

Leadership skills is something she had to learn during her early years. Find out how she developed this skill and what she has to say about leading the upper-management.

Working for a bio-tech company is one thing, but building her own business is another. Geeta shares her biggest risk when she became a patent practitioner and founded her own company, Ridhi IP LLC. You’ll discover how her company is innovating in the patent law business.

Lastly, you’ll get to know HiPower – a group of women corporate leaders who empower their “tribe” through training programs and off site meetings.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• Why do more women don’t get involved in science and technology.
• Her recommendation to students who would like to pursue a career in science and medicine.
• What personal and professional qualities made her attract a wealth of accomplished people to help her succeed in the field of science and medicine.
• How to lead up and manage upper-management people.
• Her thoughts about pay equality and what should you do to deserve a raise not just economically but professionally as well.
• The value of taking risks and the lessons you’ll learn from businesses like Ridhi IP LLC.


• The reason to go into medicine shouldn’t about making money, it is really serving humanity and really doing something different to help others.
• If you have done something good to other people … people turn around and do good to you.
• The passion that comes from an innovator is very infectious.

Big Takeaways:

• Getting ahead in your life starts with having a burning passion with what you’re doing. Exhibit perseverance and the willingness to go an extra mile to attract the right people who will help achieve your dreams.
• If you want to lead a group of upper-management people, find ways on how you can make their goals possible. Figure out how you can incorporate your purpose into their agenda. Make them feel that you belong to their group and you champion their cause.
• You have to be around people who believe in your capacity to lead and manage an organization. Be the person who they trust. Do remarkable things and let them know that you deserve a raise both financially and professionally.

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6 responses on “Geeta Kadambi: Scientist and Single Mom Who Attracted the Help She Needed

  1. Sanjeev venkatesan

    Dr. Geeta Kadambi has done a great job with her life and career. She has been my mentor all my life. I am not saying this because she is my elder sister, I am saying this because her hardworking ethics, passion to succeed in everything she does and her zest for life is second to none. In addition, she does take time to spread her learning to everyone she comes across. God bless her.

    1. V G Pal

      Dr. Geetha, amidst all obstacles that life can throw at you, has proven that dedication, hard-work and persistence pay off. I know her from her graduate days and admire her tenacity and go-getter attitude. Good to know her business is flourishing.

  2. Punita

    Dr. Geeta is such an amazing person and a mentor who as told rightly by her is always there to support you, guide you and most importantly encourage you. I am so fortune to find her. She is my mentor and a friend. She want all females to be financially independent and will go along with you in your success path. Thank you very much.

  3. Vandana V

    I can vouch for the fact that Geeta is a very genuine person who puts everything into whatever endeavor she takes on. Love her passion and honesty.

  4. Hassan Al-Ahaidib

    Dr. Geeta is a lady that you can not do anything other than respect her for her personality , professionalism and kindness. I had -and still- the opportunity to work with her and I truly understand the power she has to pas stress and do her work and take care of her family and son.
    I wish good luck for her and I am happy to work again with her

  5. Anand Srinivasan

    Leadership is something that comes naturally to Dr. Geeta. It is no mean feat to excel academically and be an first-gen entrepreneur. It is even more amazing and commendable to witness how she has broken the glass ceilings along the way, and taken every challenge thrown at her as an opportunity to grow. I salute her will to succeed and extremely proud of her. It is very important that next generation learns from her experience. A great role model for budding entrepreneurs in knowledge based intellectual property industry.

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