Tricia Benn: 3rd Generation of Powerful Women Bucking Trends and Finding Gender Equity Solutions


Tricia’s mother thought that her daughter won’t get ahead in life if she wasn’t in science.

Not anymore!

Taking risks and reaping the rewards has been the theme of our guest, Tricia Benn.

As a lover of sociology and anthropology, Tricia found out the strong application of her passion to market research. And in this episode, she’ll talk about her 20-year career journey that started as a market researcher up to her present position as Northstar’s managing director in the US.

Along the way, she learned the value of equality in the workplace. She shares her opinion about having a conference where certain groups are free to discuss on subjects that has an impact on the diversity of their workplace (e.g. promotion of women executives, gender equality, issues among minority groups).

Being a leader of a big organization, she discuss how she encourages collaboration in her team. Tricia explains why everyone should be a supporter and a champion; a management style where each team member has an opportunity to support and to lead.

Then, she talks about the risks she took to become successful in her field. You’ll find out how learning golf made her close a business deal and formed a 15-year relationship. You’ll discover the risks she took when she got a job as the youngest vice-president for public affairs.

Finally, Tricia shares how her parents influenced her to become what she is today. What could parents learn from her childhood experience when it comes to raising kids?


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• The current situation of diversity in the work environment and how to address this issue to promote excellence.
• How does Tricia create an environment where her team enjoys and thrives in collaborating with each other.
• The impact her parents brought in her life when it comes to taking risks and accomplishing her goals.


• Everybody talks about collaboration. But how do we actually do it? That’s the key.
• The role that men play with their daughters and helping them to understand how capable they are cannot be understated.
• The biggest opportunities do come from challenges.

Big Takeaways:

• A recent statistics says that women are 4x more likely to think that their gender is going to impact them negatively in their workplace as compared to men — which is about 12%.
• There should be a conscious effort in an organization to empower both men and women in the workplace. Do not exclude one from the other. Instead, bring them together to promote excellence. Doing so guarantees an exciting, profitable and effective work environment.
• Create an environment that supports diversity — whether it’s between genders or races.
• Every person is a blend of male and female traits. Which means we have to encourage equality amongst the people in our organization.

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