Tania Yuki: Creating a Career Path to Being a CEO


Several years ago, Tania decided to leave Australia for America. Her goals: to make her world a little bit bigger, meet more challenges and test the limit of her capability.

Now, she’s the founder and CEO of Shareablee, a solution that makes CMOs and marketers come up with sound, powerful campaigns based on customer behaviors across various social channels.

Listen about Shareablee’s recent case study where fresh customer insights enabled its clients to allocate their budget wisely.  As the company’s head, discover how Tania was able to keep her team together behind the core belief of innovation, keeping in touch with different departments and working with managers who need her most.

Next, she’ll share opinion on why there’s not a lot of woman CEOs. And as the founder of Wimlink, Tania explains her goal of holding events to promote entrepreneurship and professional development of women.

Plus, she’ll tell us why her passion for data and analytics is the most amazing thing that happened on her career. Next, you’ll find out how moving from Australia to America allowed her to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Tania will also talk about a counterintuitive approach to networking with people who you want to involve in your business or career.

Lastly, get her advice on how to check your analytics well.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The goals and objectives of Shareablee in terms of helping businesses build sound, actionable campaigns based on their clients’ social behaviors.
  • What’s really working in the marketplace in terms of analytics and how you can apply them to your business.
  • The main reason why Tania built Shareablee and how she keeps her team together.
  • The challenges of being the founder and the CEO of Shareablee.
  • The reason why she thinks women can be great CEOs.
  • How being a lover of data and analytics led her to a successful career.
  • As someone from Sydney, how moving to America became one of the most challenging moment in her life.
  • The secret to networking with people who you want to involve in your business.
  • How often should you check your analytics.


  • Marketers don’t want more data. They just want better, more actionable insight. They wanted to know what to do next.
  • As an entrepreneur, no one cares where you went to college. No one cares who your friends are. It really comes down to your results, not just who you are.
  • Once you swam around the pond a couple of times, it’s not that interesting.
  • The universe has a perfect accounting system.

Big Takeaways:

  • Companies have almost 80% of unused data about their online reputation or customer information. Data collection isn’t a problem; it’s data analytics.
  • Your team leaders are the drivers of your company’s culture and success. It’s important to keep in touch with them.
  • Women today are getting more leverage in creating a career path towards being a CEO. Various platforms and better education – not to mention their innate abilities ideal for a corporate setting – increase their chances in reaching top level positions.
  • The secret to building a powerful network with people you want to do business with is reciprocity. Which means, you have to go out there and extend your services first. In time, people will realize your value and they’ll make it possible to grow your business or career.

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