Trish Carr: Public Speaking is Fueled by Butterflies – How to Use Yours


Are you scared of public speaking?
Do you find yourself trembling at the thought of talking with a large group of people or a close-door meeting with a valued client?

You’re not alone. Even seasoned speakers feel the same way and our special guest, Trish Carr, will tell you how to handle it.

Join her as she discusses her best-selling book, “It’s Just A Conversation”. Discover her tips for effective selling, negotiating, public speaking or dealing with uncomfortable situations. She’ll share 3 tips on how to speak to a large crowd or to a very important person.

Next, she’ll discuss the emerging growth of women in terms of business, economy and wealth. Then, she’ll explain why embracing your passion, giving back and aiming for significance are keys to a good life.

As a co-founder of The Women’s Prosperity Network, Trish talks about the early years of the organization, including the reason behind its formation and on-going initiatives towards woman empowerment. She will also share the biggest challenge she had to go through while moving up the ranks and how a small book helped her overcome these obstacles.

Lastly, she’ll discuss her book, “Sizzling Strategies To Success” and why doing smaller chunks of action over time is effective in reaching your goals.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Her philosophy behind sales which led her to publish her Amazon bestselling book.
  • 3 tips on how to deal with the anxiety of talking to a large crowd or to a very important person.
  • The emerging influence of women in terms of wealth, economy and business.
  • The ideas and initiatives of Women’s Prosperity Network.
  • The biggest challenge she had to go through early in her career as a union vice-president turned corporate manager.
  • How to plan the important things in your life using a simple tip she mastered.


  • Most people would rather be in the casket than giving a eulogy in the funeral – Jerry Seinfeld
  • Everything in our life is based on energy.
  • Confidence is the greatest builder of success.
  • If you’re not growing, you’re dying.
  • The Bigger you get the more devils you get.
  • The more you move forward in your life, the more people are gonna show up who are trying to pull you back down.
  • “Someday”, “One day” is not a day on your calendar.

Big Takeaways:

  • Most people have fear of public speaking. And even seasoned public speakers experience the same emotions that we do. But instead of letting these emotions get in the way, speakers use them to fuel their speech.
  • Nervousness or those “butterflies” in your stomach is a good indication of positive energy.
  • Identify how you can make a difference in the world and become passionate about it. That’s the key to confidence and eventually, success.
  • Don’t take anything personally when dealing with critics. Because your critics are drawing these emotions from their own experiences.
  • Take a break and plan your whole activity. It gives you a better perspective of what’s going on and helps you see the hurdles along the way.

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