Jessica Robinson: Postpone The Big Promotion-For The Right Reasons


Ever wondered whether you should take that opportunity, despite it not fitting into your ultimate objectives?

Take advice from Jessica Robinson, CEO and founder of PurePoint International and board member of several non-profits, such as World Pulse and the UN’s Women Committee on Private/Public Partnerships.

She will talk about her own rise through the ranks, from working in the private sector to managing her very own international firm. Besides talking about her passion in volunteering and empowering women, she will speak of the different opportunities she has had along the way, and why she has been particular about which ones to take.

Even if you are presented with a number of great choices, Jessica will remind you of the importance of moving at your own pace and being clear about your career goals.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• The importance of having a set mind towards your ultimate career objectives.
• Why you should always think twice before accepting every opportunity that comes your way.
• The importance of physical and cyber security, especially in an international perspective.
• How a simple platform helps many women overcome their day-to-day struggles.


• Every opportunity that comes our way may not necessarily be for us, no matter how great it looks.
• I can continue to move at my own pace and choose positions and roles that are right for me because of (my) ultimate goal.
• It doesn’t matter what happens. You can always come back to it… Just continue to move forward.

Big Takeaways:

• Everyone is presented with a number of opportunities that may seem amazing to everyone else. You do not, however, need to take on every one that comes your way. It pays to be careful and thoughtful before making a possibly risky choice.
• It can be devastating to find out that things do not always go your way. However, it is good to take that chance to learn from others and develop yourself in order to be ready for future positions and opportunities.

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