Maura Cunningham: Inspiring Young Girls To Rock Wall Street

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Financial planning is key to a successful future. However, a lot of women believe that working with numbers may be too challenging for them, when the reverse is actually true. Thankfully, there are organizations like Rock The Street, Wall Street that aim to show young girls and women just how fun finance can be.

In today’s episode, listen in to learn how Maura Cunningham, founder of Rock The Street, Wall Street, is broadening the horizons of young women through her finance-related programs and educational courses. She discusses this passion initiative with zest, and will talk about how it has helped many young females know about the careers and opportunities they have in finance.

As “math anxiety” is deeply rooted in our current society, learn how Maura’s organization has been helping young girls realize that they too can excel in math and science, just like their male counterparts. Key in to know how you too can help mold young minds, especially young women, to become their best and brightest in all walks of life, especially in the financial world.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• About Rock The Street, Wall Street’s mission, vision, and educational programs.
• Why there are not as many women in the profession of finance.
• The influence of popular culture on society’s perception about women involved in math and science.
• How you too can help and support the organization today.


• Finance is at the heart of opportunity… if they don’t know finance, then their hands are tied in essence, or their options are limited.
• That message is not being delivered to women at all. Until that changes, we will continue to lose women… at the beginning of the pipeline.
• As long as we identify it with them, we can stop that. A lot of this has to do with their environment, in the school system itself.

Big Takeaways:

• Without knowing it, our society and culture has been allowing young girls to feel anxious towards math and, by extension, finance. Organizations like Rock The Street, Wall Street are working hard to change that perception in young minds.
• Many women have the capacity to excel in math, but are not aware of it. This is due to perception from popular culture, and how they have been raised by their families, among others.

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