Create A More Powerful Bio Using 4 Simple Questions

By Maribeth Kuzmeski

Is your bio or LinkedIn Summary Section memorable? Does it compel people to become more interested in you?

There are four parts to a powerful bio or a Summary Section in LinkedIn. Following is a simple formula that asks questions designed to produce the four paragraphs of your bio. As you answer the questions, you will be improving and giving clarity to the most important message about you.

First Paragraph: Answer the question, “Why am I in this business?” Think about how you got into this business, why do you what you do, and what the meaning is for you. This is the most memorable part of a bio and most do not include it. Don’t just give them a description that is like a resume, give them a memorable narrative about you.

Second Paragraph: Answer the question: “What do you do for clients?” or “What are your key responsibilities and/or specialties?” Let people know the specifics of what you do as you believe it WILL be interesting to them (not SHOULD be interesting to them).

Third Paragraph: Answer the question: “What is your background and experience?” Let people know where you went to college, what certifications you hold, awards you won, and where you gained prior experience.

Fourth Paragraph: Answer the question: “What do you like to do when you are not in the office?” This personal part of your bio is often the one that is left out. Yet, what you do in your pastime says a lot of about you and is very memorable.

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