Sheila Dancho: How to Celebrate Rejection and Find Wild Success

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Everyone has certain fears that may be holding them back from becoming wildly successful. Listen to how Sheila Dancho, a long-time entrepreneur with three diversified businesses and 25 years of experience in direct sales, deals with these fears while helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Sheila starts with her own story of how she shifted from the corporate world to network marketing, thanks to some game-changing experiences that changed her life. She then talks about the importance of commitment and honing your skills in order to succeed in your business. She also gives some pointers on how to get over self-limiting beliefs and how to celebrate rejection in order to grow a successful business.

It may be challenging to persevere when all you seem to receive are obstacles and rejection. Let Sheila remind you that by learning from every experience, you get better every time, and that success comes when you have totally committed yourself to your goals 100%.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• That the success and rewards you get from your business depend largely on how committed you are to it.
• How you may have subconscious fears and obstacles holding you back.
• Why you should be celebrating every rejection you get instead.


• When you’re going to commit to a new direction or a new opportunity or start up a new business, you need to commit 110%. To get amazing success, you need to give it your all.
• It has taken (many successful women) years to develop the skills to reach the top of their game, and it’s no different in network marketing.
• It takes twenty years to become that overnight success.

Big Takeaways:

• You need to be completely committed to your goal in order to have the motivation to succeed. This commitment entails taking the time to learn and develop skills to be successful.
• There may be fears and obstacles inside you that may be blocking your path to success. Working on these areas and getting over your fears is a good step to prevent yourself from self-sabotage.
• Having belief in what you do is one of the most important things you can do in order to succeed. It will also help you stomach each rejection you may face, which you should be celebrating each time.

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