Mandi Simon: 12 Year-Old Philanthropist Inspires Through Simon Says Give


12-year old Mandi started an organization that celebrates other kids. To date the non-profit has served over 17,000 children and celebrated over 600 birthdays!

The foundation, Simon Says Give, is a non-profit organization founded by its Chief Charity Officer, Mandi Simon.

Join Mandi as she talks about Simon Says Give. She’ll explain how the foundation plan for birthday parties and back packing school supply drives. You’ll learn how the selection process works – from registering to the official website to the actual party itself.

Next, you’ll find out how Mandi came up with the idea of creating the foundation and what motivates her to continue the advocacy. Plus, how did she created her very first business plan… at age 8?

Besides being the founder of Simon Says Give, Mandi goes to school and has her own circle of friends. Who is Mandi as a kid and as a student?

Lastly, you’ll learn about High Five For Supplies – a special event in honor of Mandi’s birthday in which kids are provided with school supplies.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How does Simon Says Give help children.
  • How does the foundation select which child to support.
  • What makes Mandi motivated to help children celebrate their birthday parties.
  • Her plans for the foundation including an expansion to other states.
  • How do High Five For Supplies help children get back to school.

Big Takeaways:

  • The charity has hosted 602 birthday parties to date.
  • We can help make a difference based on our capacity – whether you’re an adult or a child.

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